Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why Shouldn't A Clown Run the Circus?

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has shocked many and sent others sobbing to their therapists. It is, admittedly, unprecedented to have a real estate tycoon/reality TV star running the country, but given the rapidly deteriorating state of the USA's phony multiculturalism (Diversity Inc.) the clown was practically forced to take over the circus. 

The American electoral extravaganzas that select presidents have long since descended to the level of the circus, but what fan of Barnum and Bailey ever took the circus so seriously that he refused to share Christmas dinner with a relative who preferred Ringling Brothers? This would be to entirely miss the point. In the circus elephants stand on their heads, bears ride bicycles, and lions and tigers jump through hoops at a signal from their trainers. Everyone laughs and has a good time. It would be pointless and absurd for the audience to angrily insist that the bears aren't acting bear-like nor the lions lion-like. That is just the point of the circus:  to witness fantastic tricks that transport us out of reality into the world of make-believe.

True, this is no way to run a country, but there is simply no alternative to it unless the American people intend to establish a real democracy that expresses the popular will constantly and at every level of society. Absent this highly desirable state of affairs, the circus show is all that there is, and the show must go on. There's little use throwing temper-tantrums about it.

For sheer entertainment any fair-minded person would have to admit that Donald Trump has more than earned his newfound authority to run our circus. After all, over the past year-and-a-half, who has not been captivated by his wild insults, politically incorrect effrontery, and sheer nerve? In that short time he has taken over the Republican Party, won the White House, and exposed the pundit class as a band of clueless idiots, leaving much of the world astounded and trembling at what to expect next. (And all this armed with little more than a Twitter account!) No other circus act has ever commanded greater attention.

The circus exists to distract and thrill, to divert us from troubling dilemmas that admit of no easy solution, while delivering fun and excitement to everyone.

Enjoy the show.

Monday, November 28, 2016


globally speaking, and not just for cuba, he was a political, philosophic and moral giant  among political, philosophic and moral dwarfs and his leadership inspired tens, perhaps hundreds of millions across the world…

he will be admired and revered long after all his detractors are gone.

and most of them are and will be forgotten the moment they leave.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tension and Stress Affecting Pets..OMG!

In response to emergency calls and visits to veterinary clinics, hospitals, sanitariums and mental health centers, the American Pet Industry has rushed into production some new anti-depressant products to help alleviate the crisis in mental health initiated by the recent election of a deplorable president.

"Our animal family members are feeling as badly as all americans in our wage and earnings bracket", said Ms Jocelyn Cashworthy of cosmopolitan suburban shopping center america. "They need help as much as we do. I haven't slept since November 8 and my pomeranian poodle collie chihuahua mix has been up with me every night."

Owners of cats, spiders, fleas and exotic tropical cockroaches have also been complaining of ill tempered, bad mannered pets since the terrible election of an anti-semitic, misogynistic, racist and pet hating new president.

"We'll just have to keep smoking pot and sharing it with our pets until Big Pharma can market its new drugs at a profit. We all need to unite as a people to save our  pets and our wonderful  capitalist system from this capitalist who somehow won an election in our carefully arranged democracy to maintain capitalism."

Fidel Castro, 1926-2016

His enemies say he was an uncrowned king who confused unity with unanimity. 

And in that his enemies are right.

His enemies say that if Napoleon had a newspaper like Granma, No Frenchman would have learned of the disaster at Waterloo.

And in that his enemies are right.

His enemies say that he exercised power by talking a lot and listening little, because he was more used to hearing echoes than voices.

And in that his enemies are right.

But some things his enemies do not say: it was not to pose for the history books that he bared his breast to the invaders' bullets,

he faced hurricanes as an equal, hurricane to hurricane,

he survived six hundred and thirty-seven attempts on his life, 

his contagious energy was decisive in making a country out of a colony,

and it was not by Lucifer's curse or God's miracle that the new country managed to outlive ten U.S. presidents, their napkins spread in their laps, ready to eat it with knife and fork.

And his enemies never mention that Cuba is one rare country that does not compete for the World Doormat Cup. 

And they do not say that the revolution, punished for the crime of dignity, is what it managed to be and not what it wished to become.

Nor do they say that the wall separating desire from reality grew ever higher and wider thanks to the imperial blockade, which suffocated a Cuban-style democracy, militarized society, and gave the bureaucracy, always ready with a problem for every solution, the alibis it needed to justify and perpetuate itself.

And they do not say that in spite of all the sorrow, in spite of the external aggression and the internal high-handedness, this distressed and obstinate island has spawned the least unjust society in Latin America.

And his enemies do not say that this feat was the outcome of the sacrifice of its people, and also of the stubborn will and old-fashioned sense of honor of the knight who always fought on the side of the losers, like his famous colleague in the fields of Castile.

-----Eduardo Galeano, Mirrors, 2009

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yes, it's wonderful that low-wage jobs are increasing by leaps and bounds, heralding the brave new world of poverty WITH employment. Becoming a nation of waitresses and bartenders is a fitting tribute to the world's only superpower.  A strong dollar is equally inspiring, especially in the vast regions of the Third World where battered currencies can't purchase enough of the stronger dollars to give the people even the beginnings of a recognizably human existence. But it sure looks good on paper! Gas heading to $2 a gallon - yes! - thanks to fracking, which is so good for the environment. The "Bush" deficit cut by two-thirds - another yes! - owing to the austerity economics that just put Donald Trump in the White House.

Thanks Obama!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump 1, Multiculturalists 0

In just a year-and-a-half a reality T.V. star has won the Republican nomination for president, captured the White House, left the Bush and Clinton family "dynasties" in ruins, and exposed corporate pundits as complete fools who haven't the vaguest notion what they are talking about. And the prevailing thesis favored by the losers is that they are shrewd and insightful, while Trump is a complete idiot.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Quotes By and About The U.S. President-Elect

"I'm excited, man. I'm not going to lie. We've seen, especially the last eight years, talk but not drastic change that benefits the citizens. The idea that a citizen would be taking the presidency as opposed to a politician, I think that's got people excited."

-----Jacob Stout, small business owner, Danville Kentucky

"I spend a lot of time around union guys. And the union leadership has been saying all along to me:  their members just don't trust Democrats anymore."

-------Rep. John Yarmuth, Democrat, Louisville

"As a gay, liberal, health-loving Canadian, most of my friends thought I was crazy to be supporting Trump. But I suggested he had to win to offer a chance for world peace by preventing WWIII with Russia and for his stance on radical Islam."

-----Ashley MacIsaac

"We are all now rooting for his success."

------Barack Obama

"Torture works."

-----Donald Trump